ME at my best

                                   A Journey Into Finding Your Personal Purpose                                      

-a powerful leadership program-

Gain insight into your unique qualities and discover which values are important to you. Discover when you are at your best: feel your inner strength, your energy flow and experience fulfillment. The 'ME at my best' leadership program provides you insights and tools to be the best version of yourself. It is a powerful journey into finding your personal purpose. Indispensable to stay on track when the environment is challenging and changes. Give direction to the life you want to live. Be an inspiring leader on all fronts.

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I am Elsbeth Ophoff. After 20 years of fulfilling various (management) positions in the corporate world, I started my company Nieuwlaagje in 2009. From the start of my company I have combined my coaching & facilitation with working as a house painter. My company name Nieuwlaagje (Newlayers) was born while painting.

More than 10.000 hours on personal development, executive/business and team coaching guarantee my experience. The companies that I work for, they do realize that their people make the difference in these challenging, uncertain and complex times. In addition, their leaders show the growing longing for meaning in business and life.

I translated this into a powerful program 'ME at my best'. Nieuwlaagje takes leaders on a journey into finding their personal purpose.

The program makes it cristal clear how you can make a difference if you connect to your inner strength, your inner calling, your personal purpose. Having meaningful impact, at work and at home.

"I inspire you to dig for your worms and help you to land your fish." (My personal purpose)

New jump forward

In the summer of 2009 I met this grasshopper in Portugal during a yoga holiday. A small and fragile creature, but look what a strong appearance!

When I got home, I discovered that the grasshopper symbolizes a new jump forward. At that time I made the jump from 'corporate career' to 'entrepreneurship'. The grasshopper became an important symbol for me. At unexpected and important moments I often encounter a grasshopper on my path: on my wall, my balcony or in my car.

It is important to make the right jump at the right time. If you know what you stand for, you will of course jump!




Coaching questions that are regularly asked: How do I influence movement or change within my company? How do I get the best out of my team? How do I deal with stress? How do I improve my communication? How do I regain / develop my talents?


Nieuw Laagje provides training in the following areas of expertise: • personal effectiveness • communication and collaboration • management skills and leadership • team building • clarifying personal purpose


The Wheel of Life and Flow workshops are held regularly. Feel free to contact us for the workshop calendar for the coming period. The reflection days are also given monthly, but can also be provided in-company.